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Import Facebook Group Network (v.1.9.4) does not mine beyond 200ish comments


I am using NodeXL on a Microsoft Office 2013 on a Windows 7.

I am trying to mine a public group, with the following settings chosen ticked for the miner:
  • Network/Vertices(User and Post)
  • Relationship/(Comment)
  • Create and edge between/(commenter and post author)
Options/Download posts between (an year range).

I tried shortening the range down to even a week where I started getting below 200 so I was sure it worked for small sets. However putting an year range results in just 200ish posts of the latest month.

The community I am looking at have sometimes a single posts with beyond 200 so even going day by day would not suffice. I tried setting the Options "Download from post 1 to 1000" but the same thing happened.

As a side note, I was able to use another plugin to scrap a lot of data from Flickr just fine (about 22 thousand) after 3 hours of processing. So I do not know if this is something particular to facebook or how to go around this.

Thank you. please let me know if you require more information to help on this issue.