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Dec 20, 2011 at 12:32 AM

Hello everybody,

I will be using Node XL since it is equipped with network analysis metrics as node degree, Betweeness centrality...etc.But, my network is not a social network rather it is a water distribution network with nodes and pipes.

I have an input file, which is a text file in a note pad containing all the data about the nodes and pipes of my network.And I want to import  particularly the nodes/vertices and also import the details about  the pipes/edges that are: (pipe length,pipe diameter and pipe roughness).Below,I have selected and copied  the vertex and edge information  from the note pad for easy visualization.


[PIPES];ID               Node1           Node2           Length       Diameter     Roughness   MinorLoss   Status 

1                             1                    2                   1000             100           0.1             0                open ;

2                             2                   4                   1000              100            0.1             0                open ; 

3                              5                    3                  1000             100           0.1              0               open ;

4                              4                     3                  1000             100           0.1             0                open ; 

5                              1                     5                  1000             100            0.1             0               open ;

 6                             1                     4                  1000             100            0.1              0               open ; 

7                               2                    5                  1000              100            0.1             0                open ;


How can I let the node XL selectively import the nodes/vertices and pipes/ edges information from the note pad I mentioned above?Especially , I have to deal with hundreds of networks and I need to have a simplified way of importing.I have little knowledge on c++ programming language.


Please help. If possible with a detail answer since I am a beginnerto this program.

Looking forward for solution before christmas,


Dec 21, 2011 at 6:04 PM
Edited Dec 21, 2011 at 8:37 PM


If I understand your question, you have a text file containing network data that you would like to somehow get into NodeXL.  The solution involves two steps:

1. Copy your text file into a regular Excel workbook.  You can use Excel's Open menu item to do this.  When you tell Excel to open a .txt file, it opens a wizard that lets you specify the format of your text file and how you want the information in the file copied into the workbook.

2. Copy the regular Excel workbook into a NodeXL workbook.  You can do this by first opening a new NodeXL workbook, then using the NodeXL, Data, Import, From Open Workbook menu item to do the copying.

This is an easy process for one or two workbooks.  Unfortunately, it's going to need to be repeated hundreds of times if you have hundreds of networks.  I don't know of any way around that without doing some programming to automate the process.  (The programming would involve converting your text files into GraphML files, which NodeXL can automatically convert to NodeXL workbooks in a batch.)

-- Tony

Jan 2, 2012 at 10:22 PM

Hi Tony ,Thank you for prompt response.

I will contact you in the near future