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Project Description

The Social Network Importer for NodeXL is a add-in social media network graph data provider for NodeXL which allow users to directly download and import a variety of Facebook Fan Page and Group networks. It is developed in C#.  Limited support is available for import of personal networks (until the API's are removed from Facebook).

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Easily import ego, Fan page and Group networks from Facebook with the newly updated Social Network Importer for NodeXL (For information about NodeXL, see:

NodeXL Facebook Fan Page Network Importer
Facebook Group Network Importer

What's New

The Social Network Importer now includes a Group Network Import which allows you to import different networks from Facebook Groups.

The importer also includes search functionality for Fan pages and Groups. Just start typing the name of the fan page/group in the Name/ID textbox and it will automatically display a list of the fan pages/groups matching the search term. Select the fan page/group you want to analyze by clicking on it. You will then see the ID of the selected fan page/group displayed in the textbox.

Fan page search

Searching Functionality in Fan Page Network Importer


Social Network Importer Features

The Facebook Fan Page and Group network importers can extract connections among people and posts linked by co-like or co-comment actions.  User to user, post to post, and user to post networks are available.

Using the ego network data importer, it is possible to extract one's own personal Facebook friends network - the collection of connections among your and your friends and your friends's connections to one another. Visualizing this network data set can result in a network visualization created with NodeXL that looks something like this:

Social Network Importer for NodeXL v.1.1

How to install the Social Network Importer for NodeXL:

> Close NodeXL
> Download the installation zip file from
> Unzip the file: you will find four items:


> Copy these files to the NodeXL Plug-ins Directory specified in the "Import Options..." (See: Using third-party graph data importers in NodeXL Excel Template 2014)
> Restart NodeXL: you should now see the Facebook Import option in the NodeXL>Data>Import menu.


Arber Ceni, RWTH Aachen
Bernie Hogan, Oxford Internet Institute
Marc Smith, Connected Action LLC

The Social Network Importer for NodeXL project is coordinated by the Social Media Research Foundation which is dedicated to Open Tools, Open Data, and Open Scholarship.

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